MPD is an annual international Puppet Theatre Festival in Malmö, Sweden with it´s centre at:

Barnens Scen – the greatest center for stageperformances for a young audience in Sweden, situated in Malmö Folkets Park – The first and still most visited “Folkpark” in the world, since 1891!

The perfect place to meet !
We welcome artists from all over the world to Malmö
– with it’s multicultural inhabitants from 183 different countries all over the world!

The puppet theatre is, as it’s performers, an international and sometimes even universal artform that can be experienced by anyone regardless of language and cultural background. We are blessed with the audience, the venue and the knowledge in house to create a meetingplace where spirits can be lifted and a new generation of creators get to meet the arts for the very first time.

It’s our daily honour and joy at Barnens Scen, to make this happen and see dreams being born and liberated. The MPD-Festival is a great way for us to reach out to both artists and audience who otherwise find the threshholds high into the Swedish language and different cultural expressions. The puppet-theatre is a bridge easy to pass and we are very happy to enable this annual meetingpoint for artists and audience, where the universal and playful language of humanity is clearly spoken in all it’s beauty.

Malmö Puppet Days 2022

Malmö Puppet days 2021